40 Stories - Karla Worley

Karla Worley, one of our Hearts with Hope Gala Chairs, mother experienced domestic violence, which was what led her to support PADV. Today, this experience has made her stronger and given her the courage to speak up for victims of intimate partner violence struggling to find their own voice.
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40 Stories - PADV Survivor

“I moved my family to Georgia for a fresh start. My aunt welcomed my kids, boyfriend (at the time) and I into her home until I could find a place. After three weeks of being in Georgia, my boyfriend and I began arguing every day.
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40 Stories - Rayna Wooden

“Teens and Pre-teens are under so much pressure to fit in, that they often forget or ignore the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship.” She works now to help empower teens to find an adult they trust, can be transparent with, and talk to about teen violence.
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40 Stories - Tempie McIntyre

I know how emotionally devastating it is to live in a physically violent, isolated, fearful, and controlling home environment. Fortunately, I was able to seek help and get support from a domestic violence shelter years ago in order to leave my abuser and to provide a safe haven for my children and me.
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40 Stories - David Midler

Twelve years ago David Midler decided it was time to get involved in the community. His first step was to make a small donation to a local charity doing important work directly benefiting his neighborhood. That organization was Partnership Against Domestic Violence.
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